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Are young people in Zimbabwe helping in the spread of HIV?

Young people are scared to get tested

There are a lot of stories these days in the media of young people who are dating people who are far older than them, just for the money and also to get material things.

These young people especially girls are going out with very old people and they call them uncle BAE and it is the trending thing among young people these days.

The most worrying thing about this uncle BAE is that he does not know his HIV status and neither does the young girl. Because uncle BAE is married and he has his own family, all he wants from this young girl is sex...and unprotected sex for that matter.

Some young people because of the love of money they do not mind about the HIV status of the person that they are sexually involved in and they just do it for the money.

When this uncle BAE as the call them, is done with the little girl, he leaves her for another girl who is still fresh and young. They do not even care about their HIV status but instead go ahead and sleep with them without protection and the cycle continues like that.

Young people should be careful with their health because Your Health is Your Right as the 2017 World AIDS Day theme says. There is no one who takes care of your health but yourself.

If one feels like engaging in sexual activities, they have to use protection correctly and consistently. Young people should go for HIV testing regularly so that you know your status and live a healthy life.


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Firmly young people are helping in the spread of HIV

1 year, 10 months Ago Report

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Also young people are not able to negotiate for safer sex due to that they are scared and they thought that they might called as loose morals

2 years, 5 months Ago Report

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