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Keep Private Things Private

Some Stuff Stay Under Wraps!

As you grow up you learn what to share with others and what is private. If you keep something private, it means you keep it away from other people’s sight or hearing.

You have so-called “private parts” (genitals) that are not for sharing and you keep those just to yourself (and an intimate partner when you are old enough to have one).

Here are some tips on how to protect the privacy of your body:

If anyone invades the privacy of your body by touching you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell someone (even if they threaten you to make you stay silent).

No matter how small your space or who you live with, your body is yours alone. Protect it by keeping it private.

Is someone touching you in a way that makes you uncomfortable? It’s against the law - even if it’s someone you trust. Tell a trusted adult, report the person to the police, or call the 116 Child Helpline for advice.


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