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Do you have questions on love, sex and relationships?

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How to Use This Site

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We love your comments and invite you to share your opinions with the Tune Me community. You can talk about sex here - in a way that is helpful to you and others. But we won’t allow sexually explicit comments, swearing, rudeness, abusiveness or sexual advances.

Help us keep it safe and fun...

If you see a comment here that you think is offensive or abusive to an individual or group of people, then you can click the ‘Report’ option underneath the comment. We’ll review the comment and remove it if we agree. We may even make the person who made the comment, take a break from commenting for a little while. That also means that any comment you make could be Reported by others, and you could lose your commenting rights for a while - even permanently.

Keep your personal details private

Posting your phone number or email address on any site can be risky. We advise against doing this unless you know and trust the person you are sharing your personal details with. Don't use these details as your username and be sure to create an anonymous, fun one.