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How To: Avoid Liars Online

Create the Perfect Username

Most apps and websites (like Tune Me) ask you to create a username and password when you first use them. It is important you do this properly as they are there to protect you and your information.

Why do you need a username?

A username is the name that appears on other people’s screens when you chat or comment. A username should never be your real name! This is important as it keeps your real identity safe. You don’t want strangers to be able to track you down, so don’t ever use your real name, email address or mobile number. Use something fun that reflects your personality like missfussypants or doctorcool99.

What’s a good password?

Your password is like a secret code that protects the information that you have stored in your mobile phone or a computer. When choosing a password with words and symbols think of a phrase that you will remember easily, but that no one else would guess. It might be the title of a book or song that you like, with each word capitalized and a number at the end. For example: StoryOfMyLife89. You can also replace some letters with symbols, for example D@nceToTheBe@t.

Online safety is important. Check that your Tune Me username does not give away your identity. If it does, change it.


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