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MyStory: I can’t do anything right

He’s in control

I was dating a guy who made me feel bad about myself. He told me that I was lucky to have him in my life. He told me that no one else would ever love me.

The strange thing is that I was the catch. I’m beautiful. Him? Not so much. My family was nice and I had friends. He had none.

I thought he was jealous because he loved me. I didn’t see that he was slowly isolating me from my family and friends.

If I wore skinny jeans or leggings he told me I was looking for male attention. I stopped going out because he didn’t want me to. He said I wasn’t allowed to have guy friends. He was in control of my life.

Then I found out he was cheating on me. I was too scared to confront him.

He never hit me so I didn’t think it was abuse. I’m lucky because my family stepped in and got me away from him. Even now I hear his voice mocking me, but I can finally see that it wasn’t love.

Abusive behaviour comes in many forms. Emotional abuse includes using words or threats, controlling you or manipulating you. It also includes neglecting you. An abusive relationship is never a good one, even if it feels good at the time.

This story was written by a Tune Me community member.


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